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     I’m so excited, I can’t wait, Whoo Hooo! I get to take the BodyTalk Access training on Saturday December 5th with Tricia True! As the administrative assistant at BodyTalk California I’ve witnessed miracles each day clients walk through the door. Marcy took Tricia’s BodyTalk Access training and after two weeks of following the process, she experienced a release she’d been trying to get for years! Read more about Marcy’s transformation below.
     The people I know who do the BodyTalk Access routine are rarely sick and have a clarity that allows them to pursue their dreams on a daily basis. At this point, we still have some room in the December 5th BodyTalk Access training, details below. I’d love to meet you there, the more of us who come together and focus our intention to heal and grow the better!
     We are making plans to have regular free Group Tap gatherings to help us magnify the effects of BodyTalk. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll make sure you get a list of upcoming dates, call me in the office at (530) 274-8454 or email
     May this season be peaceful and bright.
flowers_pink.jpgMarina May
Administrative Assistant
BodyTalk California

happy_baby_in_leaves.jpgPeople bring children of all ages to BodyTalk for many different reasons. Here’s a list we’ve compiled from our past 4 years as BodyTalk practitioners in Grass  Valley:
Children come to BodyTalk to…
… eliminate phobias.
… reduce stress.
… improve emotional control.
… improve academic performance.
… improve athletic performance.
… improve self image and social issues.
… improve sleep and other health issues such as allergies and digestive disorders.
BodyTalk is effective, safe, comfortable, convenient, up to date, and affordable. Let us show you what BodyTalk can do for your child.
BodyTalk is also great for parents and caregivers who are looking for a way to reduce stress, improve health, deepen relationships and achieve goals. We offer special children’s and family rates.We hope to help your family come together and thrive.David and Tricia True



     “My Spheno-Basilar joint had been stuck for YEARS, making it difficult to fully extend my neck or even turn my head with a full range of motion as well as not being able to hold my balance with the standing positions in Yoga.
     Four weeks ago I took the BodyTalk Access course with Tricia True. Accessing the ‘Innate Wisdom’ of the body I was able to use simple balancing techniques to restore communication to the basic mind/body system. I was sent home after class to practice these easy to learn techniques on myself, friends and family for the next 30 days. About two weeks into these practice sessions, my SB joint “cracked” I could both hear it and feel it as it finally let go and re-aligned. The difference in my range of motion was immediate.
     I continue to regain both my postural balance and my energy levels. The most obvious physical changes have been in my ability to hold my Yoga poses with a strength and balance that I just didn’t have before. I also feel more vibrant and alive than I have for quite some time.”Marcy Pendergast