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What is BodyTalk for Animals?Sophie running framed

BodyTalk for Animals Practitioners work with the energetic connection between a pet owner or guardian and their animal.  Whether it be a horse, dog, cat or bird, this bond is a frequency which can be utilized by the BodyTalk for Animals Practitioner during a distance session with the pet’s owner or guardian. By the owner or guardian receiving a BodyTalk session with the intention of helping their animal, physical, mental, emotional, behavioral or energetic shifts can happen for the animal.  BodyTalk for Animals is complementary with your veterinarian’s treatments and is not intended as a substitute for it.

What kind of benefits will my animal receive?

Your animal may experience reduced symptoms of both physical and emotional issues.  Behaviors of fear, anxiety, and agitation can be reduced.  A BodyTalk for Animals Practitioner uses a protocol that can be 60% – 80% accurate in reading your animal’s frequency with your body acting as it’s surrogate.  As a complementary or alternative medicine, BodyTalk for Animals does not require licensing by the state.

We are passionate about animals at BodyTalk California and feel honored to provide their owners and guardians with our service. BodyTalk for Animals can bring fast and effective results for your animals WholeHealth needs.


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