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BodyTalk sessions can be effectively done at a distance as well as in-person.  Some clients prefer distance sessions due to their health conditions or to minimize travel and travel-associated stresses for themselves and their pets.

plasma-ballDistance healing is based on quantum physics. In quantum physics, everything is connected and there is no such thing as “distance”.  A conference about distance healing was held at Harvard University.  Read more about distant healing here.

“Long distance healing is wireless technology and works on a principle similar to the cell phone.” said Dr. Sadie Ruttner.  It is fairly well accepted that the garage door opener and the television remote work by wireless methods. The cell phone works at even greater distances. There simply requires a sender and a receiver. So in the case of BodyTalk, the practitioner is the sender and you are the receiver.

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Here’s the step by step process we recommend for your distance session.

1. The advantage of a BodyTalk distance session is that you can  maintain your regular schedule.  The session will take effect in your body during a time of low activity or when you are sleeping.  If this is a BodyTalk Session for your pet, allow your animal to maintain its’ regular routine.  On the day of your pet’s session, occasional thoughts of your pet in a happy state is an important part for gaining the full benefits of BodyTalk.

2.  Do the Cortices technique daily to enhance the integration of the session on you or your animal. Note any shifts either physically, any thoughts or emotions, any experience that you’re having and possible insights.

3.  Following your session you will receive an email, (or text if preferred) about the theme of your session and any recommendations.

4.  If you would like to share your experience, please contact us.  We love to hear about changes you experience during or after the BodyTalk Session. Thank you.

If you are scheduling a distance session please give us a call to schedule (530) 274-8454 and fill out our INTAKE FORM online before your appointment.  If you are scheduling a distance session, please also send us a photograph of the face and shoulders of the person or a picture of the animal receiving the session (to

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