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What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is healthcare designed by your body.

BodyTalk is WholeHealthcaresmiling-lady

As WholeHealthcare, BodyTalk understands the profound influence the psychology of the body has on our health. Instead of focusing on the symptom, BodyTalk finds the underlying causes of illness by addressing the whole person and their whole story. BodyTalk Sessions can also aid in personal growth and transformation.

BodyTalk can help with:

* Finding satisfying relationships
* Chronic and acute pain
* Enriching family connections
* Discovering meaning and purpose
* Replacing negative belief systems
* Improving health of children
* Toxin release
* Mental clarity
* Allergies
* Addictions
* and much more!

BodyTalk is communicating with the whole person

Health challenges arise for a variety of reasons. When a practitioner is trained to look at the whole person, including emotional, physical and environmental influences, the true underlying causes of disease can be revealed.

BodyTalk is integrating with the whole spectrum

Each system of healthcare and each practitioner has a unique knowledge and skill set. WholeHealthcare is designed to integrate all fields of healthcare to create a complete approach to healing.

BodyTalk is balancing the whole story

Every choice and every experience has contributed to your current state of health. Each scar, laugh line and injury has a unique story and a history. WholeHealthcare takes into consideration your whole story. Your lifestyle, genetics and history are all drawn upon to establish a personalized approach that brings about lasting changes.

marina bodytalk 2015OUR MISSION – To provide the tools for self transformation, self healthcare and personal growth.

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Excerpt from a scientific evaluation of BodyTalk as published by Nova Science Publishers: "The blinded treatment group showed significant improvements compared to the control group for pain level, anxiety, and satisfaction with social role measures. Fatigue, overall physical and mental health showed significance in the pooled treatment group data ... this mind-body complimentary and alternative medicine system is effective in reducing pain level as well as emotional symptoms associated with long-term chronic pain." Click here to read the full study. 

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