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Energetics will be taught by BodyTalk founder John Veltheim in Palo Alto, CA, April 23rd and 24th, 2016.
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Course Overview:
I exist everywhere in your body and can do anything you need me to do. I am guided by an innate wisdom that has me take form in very specific ways. It seems that the more physical parts of the body follow me around and do what I do. I am your Energetic Body. Some can see and feel me very easily, while others struggle to connect. It is those that can see and feel me easily, that help me shift and change. Those that can connect with me and observe me clearly, have what I call an Energetic Sense.

This course helps to mold and develop the Energetic Sense; your ability to tune in, observe, and surrender to the energetic bodymind. This is a highly coveted skill that makes the difference between an average BodyTalker and an excellent one.

This is a rare opportunity to work with John in a practical setting where he will give personal feedback, where necessary, to help develop your Energetic Sense.

Course Description:
During this course John will delve into fully understanding how to ‘work’ with the energetic body. This includes unique and expanded ways to utilize your senses, practicing the skill of focus, as well as surrendering to the innate wisdom. This course has some practical applications that will hone your effectiveness in several of the BodyTalk techniques.

John will be demonstrating these fascinating concepts by doing 15 BodyTalk sessions during the course. He will also be involving the participants in some practical application where upon which he will be giving personal feedback, where necessary, to help develop your Energetic Sense. *Please note John will be choosing students for sessions at random and at his own discretion.

Course Outline:
Working with all the Senses
Projecting into the Body
Utilization of the Phantom Body
Focusing on Energy
Surrendering to Innate
Describing Change

Course Objectives:
Develop the ability to utilize your senses in extra-sensory ways with fun and unique techniques.
Practice the skill of focus within the phantom body and become one with the energetic body.
Learn how to surrender to innate wisdom and describe change in the body.
Enhance your ability to support significant physical change in the body through the energetic body.
Learn techniques that you can add to your BodyTalk tool box as well as help you fine tune your implementation of the tools that already exist in your tool box.

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This course is open to Non-members and IBA Members. No prerequisites are required.

This course counts for 16 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners’ requirements.