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$80 – BodyTalk Session

$175 – 3 Session BodyTalk Treatment

$300 – 6 Session BodyTalk Treatment

$125 – Marriage Family Therapy /hr

$150 – BodyTalk Access Training 6 hour training

$75 – Distance BodyTalk Session

$65 – BodyTalk for Children Session

$145 – 3 Session BodyTalk for Children Treatment

$50 – BodyTalk for Animals Distance Session

$135 – 3 Session BodyTalk for Animals Distance Treatment

$75 – Massage /hour

Housecalls = Regular rates apply + $10 for travel to most local areas.

BodyTalk Sessions last about 1 hour and are typically scheduled 1-2 weeks apart.

If you are unable to keep your in-person appointment(s) you will receive distance session(s) at your scheduled time.  To learn about our distance sessions click here.

marina bodytalk 2015OUR MISSION – To provide the tools for self transformation, self healthcare and personal growth.

If finances are an obstacle to receiving BodyTalk, please fill out our Financial Scholarship Application.

All clients 55+ receive a 10% discount

Excerpt from a scientific evaluation of BodyTalk as published by Nova Science Publishers: "The blinded treatment group showed significant improvements compared to the control group for pain level, anxiety, and satisfaction with social role measures. Fatigue, overall physical and mental health showed significance in the pooled treatment group data ... this mind-body complimentary and alternative medicine system is effective in reducing pain level as well as emotional symptoms associated with long-term chronic pain." Click here to read the full study. 

The session Tricia gave me has brought a deep feeling of Centered Groundedness.  I noticed the next morning as I was doing daily tasks that I was able to be extremely present with each task and moved from one to the next with much ease and grace. I was on a time schedule that started at 6am and had much to do by 11am and got an immense amount of work done without any sense of overwhelm.  I am also experiencing an even deeper level of lack of worry as well as a more natural flow of my energy. Also it’s easier for me to respond to my son from a more objective place.  Bodytalk is like energetic laser surgery for me.  Thanks for holding the space Tricia and David by having your beautiful center.

Lucia Immacolata

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