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What makes BodyTalk work? 

BodyTalk System facilitates communication with the innate wisdom of the body by using neuromuscular biofeedback.  A comprehensive protocol of questions tells the BodyTalk Practitioner what the body needs in order to balance the body/mind function.  The use of a biofeedback method along with the keen focus of the BodyTalk Practitioner highlights the client’s priority issues.  Tapping, focus and intention are applied to jump-start the body’s own natural healing and growth mechanism.

Unlike Western Medicine which determines a diagnosis and treats the symptoms, BodyTalk is an indirect healing technique.  The BodyTalk process sets a communication line between parts of the body that have been shut down due to a trauma, or stressful situations.  These ‘charged’ memories from a past trauma may crystallize the belief systems and be held in tissues and organs.  They can be found in any part of the body right down to the cellular level.  When the charge is released the lines of communication and cooperation between the body parts are renewed and integrated to bring marvelous results!

What are the benefits of BodyTalk? 

The benefits gained are as diverse as the individuals who come in for a session. Often, one feels relaxed, energized and may note subtle and/or drastic changes in some or all aspects of their lives. A client may benefit on multiple levels: enhanced relationships, decreased stress, increased productivity and creativity, along with physical healing. BodyTalk promotes physical, mental and emotional changes with a side effect of spiritual shifts.

How many BodyTalk sessions does one need before changes occur?  

A BodyTalk treatment is 3 sessions which can produce noticeable changes in your life. When you have integrated the changes from a treatment some people choose to continue with individual sessions or purchase one of our discount packages. We recommend a combination of regular BodyTalk Sessions and following a daily self care program called BodyTalk Access for optimal health and growth benefits.

Are there any side effects involved with BodyTalk? 

There are no side effects with BodyTalk.  It is safe and complementary with Western medical treatments, medication and other healing and personal growth modalities.

How do Distance Sessions work?

plasma-ballBodyTalk sessions can be effectively done at a distance as well as in-person. Some clients prefer distance sessions due to their health conditions or to minimize travel and travel-associated stresses for themselves and their pets. Distance healing is based on quantum physics.  In quantum physics, everything is connected and there is no such thing as “distance”.  Read more about Distance Sessions here.

Do you have financial aid available?

BodyTalk is most effective when there is an exchange between the client and the practitioner however, we never want want finances to be an obstacle to receiving BodyTalk. If needed, please fill out our Financial Scholarship Application and we will contact you about other forms of exchange.

marina bodytalk 2015OUR MISSION – To provide the tools for self transformation, self healthcare and personal growth.

If finances are an obstacle to receiving BodyTalk, please fill out our Financial Scholarship Application.