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 Triple True Blue Products

eye pillow

We are the True Family, from Northern California.  Our beliefs are simple; we want to bring luxury to your life, using all natural, high quality materials and we want to make it available to you at affordable prices. 

Our products are made in the USA! 

Luxury Lavender Eye Pillow


We are pleased to offer a luxurious, heavenly-scented eye pillow filled with the best flaxseed and lavender we have found. Learn more and order directly through’s safe and easy website.

Please check it out by clicking here!

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Forever Living Cleanse

Forever Living FIT 1 is a de-tox program using the finest and best species of aloe vera gel discovered in the USA to perform the cleanse. In the year 2014 the cleanse celebrated recognition as top 10 most popular and effective weight reduction programs in the world. The FIT package contains Garcinia Cambogia renown and promoted as the leading fat burner product. This along with a guide book yields results of losing between 7 – 10 lbs safely in the 9-day cleanse! This aids as a kick start for those who are seeking an effective weight management program, for others who intend to lose more weight, they continue the program or ‘graduate’ to FIT 2 where maintenance and muscle building happens! See for yourself what it can do for you!

Call Tricia for more information at (530) 274-8454

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happyhealthyhome2 We believe in our community.  We donate a portion of our profits to Happy, Healthy Homes to provide repairs to help seniors remain in their own homes.

Thank You For Believing in Us!
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