What kind of training is involved in BodyTalk?

To become a BodyTalk practitioner, one is required to take a fundamental four day course, practice 50+ sessions, pass a thorough written and oral exam with a Senior Instructor.

To become an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, one is required to complete 24 days of courses, 250+ BodyTalk Sessions, 5 comprehensive case studies, 90 hours of anatomy and physiology and pass a 6 hour exam.

What are the issues helped by BodyTalk?

BodyTalk not only helps physical conditions, it helps one process and manage their anger, grief, and losses, because BodyTalk Sessions balance the impact of traumas, injuries, surgeries, etc.  BodyTalk also addresses life style issues such as manifesting money, finding a life mate, and career launching.  One of our BodyTalk clients said, “I feel as though I have someone watching my back.”

Here are some typical conditions that respond well to BodyTalk Sessions:’



Chronic Pain



Relationship issues

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