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It’s about understanding the psychology of the body and the influence it has on your health. Instead of focusing on the symptoms, BodyTalk finds the underlying causes of illness by considering their physical, emotional and environmental factors.  Because BodyTalk addresses the Whole person, your whole story, it uses the entire context of your life to improve your health.

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Did you know that the ankle relates to decision making?  This is why indecisiveness can cause instability in the ankle.  Anytime you take a big step forward, for example: getting married, moving, changing jobs, your ankle is vulnerable and if you twist it, this is your body telling you not to rush, take it easy and even to step back. Read more…click BodyTalk is a safe, non-invasive, fast and effective, integrative energy medicine, complementary with other health care systems.  The BodyTalk Session takes place with the client fully clothed.  On the first session a client completes an intake form.   BodyTalk helps all aspects of one’s life: physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual.   One could say that BodyTalk is a personal, spiritual and growth opportunity with a side effect of balanced health.