¨               What is MFT?

Marriage Family Therapy helps those who are seeking assistance towards goals they want to achieve, manage and reduce the impact some negative emotions have on their lives, identify and reduce self-destructive patterns and belief systems that interfere with reaching their full potential.

¨               FAQ’s

When will I notice changes?

You will notice changes in small and subtle increments immediately upon your first session.  As you learn to become an observer of the small and subtle behaviors, you will notice.  Part of the process of making changes is also becoming your own witness of those changes.  A change form will guide you to develop the ‘muscle’ and then you will notice that negative emotions that took 3 days to process is reduced to 2 days, then1, then a few hours.  The more you learn about what pitfalls you fall into, the process during the climb out of the pitfall while paying attention to the details will sharpen you as a witness, increase your presence and when you see the hole, you will avoid stepping into it, jump or go around it.  The same negative emotion that took you 3 days to get over can potentially become a blip of time to process.

¨               Would I be able to function better with MFT?

Whenever attention is applied to a behavior, that behavior will begin to shift.  Once a behavior is seen fully and clearly, it will no longer hold the space it hides in.  Awareness of a habit repeated over time, reduces the habit.  To measure improvement the client will use a scale of 0 – 10 with 10 being the most intense and frequented negative emotion.  In between sessions the client will jot notes about processing emotions and thought patterns.

¨               Will attending MFT Sessions mean that I will no longer need medications?

MFT Sessions support and complement the medications you are taking.  It is best to follow recommendations from your physician and/or psychiatrist.  The MFT Sessions may result in reducing your symptoms, and as you continue to see your Dr.’s and report your progress, reducing your medications is a potential.  The MFT Sessions are not limited to the goal of reducing or eliminating your taking medications.  It is recommended that your goals be about enhancing meaningfulness of life by improved interactions with others.

¨               What benefits might I achieve with MFT Sessions:

A person will recognize that they process negative emotions and stressful situations quicker and with greater ease, thereby allowing more joy and fulfillment into their lives.