Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

TriciaClipboard300Tricia True, Licensed Marriage Family Therapy practice since 1994, has refined her counseling skills by staying abreast of crisis counseling.  She guides others towards reducing and managing depression, anxiety, anger, grief and relieving self-destructive behaviors.   By taking inventory of stress triggers through a variety of exploratory exercises, she helps her clients gain increased self-acceptance, compassion for others, and harmonious relationships.

What is MFT?

Marriage Family Therapy facilitates the reduction and management of negative emotions, self destructive patterns, and belief systems that interfere or hinder you from becoming the person you wish to be.


When will I notice changes?

You will learn to become an observer and witness the small and subtle self destructive behaviors you want to change and measure these changes with a 0 – 10 scale, 10 being the highest level of a negative emotion, ie. anxiety.  For example, you may notice that a negative emotion which used to take 3 days to process is reduced to half the time, then a few hours.  The less amount of time spent processing negative emotions means that more of the moments of your day is spent energized with positive emotions, joy and contentment!

Would I be able to function better with MFT?

Therapy1Self destructive behaviors maintain their position as long as you ignore thier cues, like ignoring a misbehaving child.  Awareness and attention applied with some examining questions will begin to loosen their grip on you.  There are many scenes from the movie Groundhog Day that are examples of ‘waking up’ to a repetitive behavior.  When Phil steps into the icy pothole, the consequence of his action stimulates higher awareness and eventually he steps over the pothole.  The exposure of repetition increases his awareness that inevitably lead to changes. Once a behavior is seen fully and clearly, one will avoid ‘stepping into the pothole.’  Together, we can explore and discover the ‘potholes’ you have created in your life, how you maintain them and eventually ‘step  over the pothole.’

Will attending MFT Sessions mean that I will no longer need medications?

It is best to follow the recommendations from your physician and/or psychiatrist. The MFT Sessions compliment the medications and treatments prescribed by your Dr.’s and are not limited to the goal of reducing or eliminating your taking medications.  MFT Sessions are about enhancing meaningfulness of life and interactions with others, that may include other benefits.  MFT Session may result in reducing or eliminating your medications.

What benefits might I achieve with MFT Sessions?

A person will recognize that they process negative emotions and stressful situations quicker and with greater ease, thereby, allowing more joy and fulfillment into their lives.

What do client’s receiving MFT say about their sessions?

Liver Psoriasis

I came to see Tricia due to depression with a diagnosis of liver psoriasis. I also had challenges with making commitments with intimate relationships. After a year I got married and with tools to help me short circuit my depression I now experience a happier life!