What are Emotional Disorders?

We tend to think that emotional disorders are limited to conditions such as bipolar disorder, depression, shyness, anxiety, and phobias.  BodyTalk recognizes that the emotions can also have an effect on all the body’s systems. Habitual stress and chronic overwhelm can result in feelings of anger, powerlessness, or despair, eventually resulting in such conditions as inflammation, abnormal cell growth, or high blood pressure.  Your body’s chemical levels fluctuate depending on your emotional state: healing results from love and trust, causing cell expansion, whereas disease results from hate, stress and anger; causing cell contraction.


How does BodyTalk resolve emotional stress?

BodyTalk recognizes the interrelatedness of body/mind/spirit by retrieving information from emotions, consciousness, and physiology.  A frozen shoulder can store an unresolved hurt from a relationship (emotion), the burden of responsibility (consciousness), and the spasms in the intricate muscles surrounding the joint (physiology).

Using a technique called Active Memory, a BodyTalk practitioner works with the body to disassociate, neutralize, and unhook emotions stored in the connective tissue.  The emotions are retrieved through neuromuscular feedback to bring them out of the tissue, then are sent downward toward the intestines to be “digested,” and processed.  Because talk therapy is not the focus of an Active Memory or Belief System session, even painful emotional traumas and phobias can be dealth with comfortably by the client.

The following inspirational video from Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights International spotlights the harm that can come from labeling people with psychiatric disorders.

A client saw us to reduce her anxiety of air travel.  She came to her first session rating her anxiety an 8 on a scale of 0 – 10.  On her 2nd visit, it dropped to a 4 and on her 3rd visit it dropped to a 2 and remained at 2 through her flight experience.  Her first visit resulted in an ‘open heart experience’ lasting days after the session.  She described that she was moved to tears of joy on several occasions.  On a follow-up call she expressed that her anxiety was ‘much ado about nothing.’  She recognized insights and new perspectives.


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