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John Veltheim born in Australia is the founder of the BodyTalk System; here’s what he says, “ I developed the BodyTalk System in the mid 90’s and it was basically out of personal need because I had an Epstein Bar Virus myself that wasn’t responding to any other therapy.  So I used my background in Naturopathy, Acupuncture and Chiropractic to devise a different system that would address this problem.”

Excerpt from a scientific evaluation of BodyTalk as published by Nova Science Publishers: "The blinded treatment group showed significant improvements compared to the control group for pain level, anxiety, and satisfaction with social role measures. Fatigue, overall physical and mental health showed significance in the pooled treatment group data ... this mind-body complimentary and alternative medicine system is effective in reducing pain level as well as emotional symptoms associated with long-term chronic pain." Click here to read the full study. 

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